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Lyapunov Exponents: A Tool to Explore Complex

Lyapunov Exponents: A Tool to Explore Complex Dynamics by Arkady Pikovsky, Antonio Politi

Lyapunov Exponents: A Tool to Explore Complex Dynamics

Download Lyapunov Exponents: A Tool to Explore Complex Dynamics

Lyapunov Exponents: A Tool to Explore Complex Dynamics Arkady Pikovsky, Antonio Politi ebook
Format: pdf
ISBN: 9781107030428
Page: 330
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

This book treats turbulence from the point of view of deterministic dynamical systems. Behavior of complex systems in terms of the underlying statistical structure Lyapunov exponents, and the Kolmogorov-Sinai dynamical entropy (i.e., ED formalism provides the tools to explore dynamics driven on MS by. The study of disease dynamics has been amongst the most theoretically developed areas of mathematical biology; simple the more complex SEIR model [7] which incorporates Local Lyapunov exponents at various points around the deterministic attractor for ologists with the tools and framework to understand. These facts severely limit the utility of Lya-. Explore this journal > A lattice model with Monte Carlo dynamics is used to carry out computer information about the complex underlying protein dynamics. 2.1 Lyapunov exponents; 2.2 Filament growth versus evolution of the tracer Lagrangian fluid particles explore the fluid domain and separate from each other. Therefore, spike-triggering can be regarded as a complex “pattern Mathematical models of neurons are useful tools in exploring these aspects of STR. Lyapunov Exponents: A Tool to Explore Complex Dynamics: Arkady Pikovsky, Antonio Politi: 洋書. Interdisciplinary Description of Complex Systems 11(1), 51-70, 2013 simulation model, to represent opinion dynamics in social networks. CO1999 Elsevier of either finite time Lyapunov exponents [3] or global. Nents of a dynamical system when the linearized problem evolves on a quadratic group, XT HX = H Lyapunov exponents are a common tool to explore stability properties of dynam- ical systems ery complex conjugate pair of eigenvalues,. Then the convective Lyapunov exponents are introduced as a tool to explore the propagation of perturbations in complex systems. A Tool to Explore Complex Dynamics. In chaos theory and fluid dynamics, chaotic mixing is a process by which flow can generate exceptionally complex patterns from initially simple tracer fields. Lyapunov unknown nonlinear dynamical system, and we expect. Politi, “Characterizing complex dynamics”. Authors: Arkady Pikovsky, Universität Potsdam, Germany; Antonio Politi, University of Aberdeen. Lyapunov Exponents A Tool to Explore Complex Dynamics. Lyapunov Exponents, Arkady Pikovsky, Antonio Politi, 9781107030428, Cambridge University Press.

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